Delphi – A trip into the bellybutton of the world

I dream of taking journeys/ adventures like this, my dreams are filled with visuals of places I’ve never been or seen but seeing this sets my imagination on fire. Thank you for these pictures!

Cretan Chronicles

The deeper we traveled into the center of mainland Greece, the more beautiful and serene it became.  Villages perched on hillsides had an ambience of wellbeing in spite of the ongoing financial crisis.   Perhaps it was the friendliness of the people or the care of the surroundings that impressed us or maybe just the welcome greenness of it all in contrast to the dry landscape of Crete.   In any case, there was a profound beauty to this place that surprised us and deepened our appreciation of Greece.

Our destination was ultimately the magical land of Meteora but along the way we stopped and took in what the rest of this area had to offer.  It was a very warm day as we traveled in our little rental car towards the ancient site of Delphi.  Stopping off in the village of Arachova, a popular hotspot for the winter ski crowds, proved…

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