Cheeky Shorts vs The World

Ok I would like to start by saying that I am a guy and I love butts, more or less legs. The trend of cheeky shorts has existed for quite some time but working on a college campus for the past year I’ve noticed a large flooding of them into the streets of Champaign, Il. These “Cheeky” or “Dree” shorts are cut at an angle that allows the bottom of various buttcheeks to peek out or jiggle down the street.

I should be happy right??


As much as I love a good pair of cheeks, this is something that bugs me every time I conduct a transaction with multiple girls throughout a day. These things sell like hotcakes, I can count on two hands how many vaginas I’ve seen out here and I’m just gonna say it now…’s down right disrespectful, to my eyes first and yourself second. The attention that these shorts grant I can assure you is not what you want because in my experience you dangle appropriate bate to catch the desired fish


If a “boy’s” attention is what you seek then I guarantee you that you will get it but where the conversation gets entertaining for me is when the girl in question refers to her prey as a “man”. I would like to tell you sweetheart that as a “man” I want nothing to do with you. Revealing yourself to the public is not anywhere in my idea of what a woman looks like or carries herself as and if I’m searching for a woman to become my future wife you would not be where the search began…sorry.

Oh and if you didn’t think that it couldn’t get any better, it does


Yeah it’s real smh but hey let’s let your daughter wear it, it’s just fashion right?
What’s the next trend, lets check…



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