The Co-Op Blues

So I’ve made it my mission 2 or 3 months ago to pick up a second job and as far as I can tell that mission was a success because I found my new job in a place called Common Ground Food Co-Op. I have worked here for almost a month and I want to start off by saying … THIS PLACE FREAKS ME OUT!!!!! When I tell you that the people here are extremely….”nice” I mean it.

I’ve been in the Chambana area for going on my second year and my experience with the citizens have been pretty shaky but here…..I’ve got to tell you it’s a death of fresh air. There are moments where even the lovely citizens of Urbana, Il are a bit shaky as well but generally speaking they seem genuinely kind across the board. Coming to work is a bit of a relief in comparison to the constant commission of campus life in champaign but all of this comes to and reaching halt on nights like this…’s deserted…

2-6 people come in possibly every 30 minutes and between me and the homie Barney we are totally considering seppuku….it’s getting real. Without a conversation to separate us from the terrible music playlist that sets a torturous backdrop for our work day we are losing hope as the night comes to a close.

But you know what in another hour it will all be over.
Score 1 for this guys optimism 😀


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